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Wholesale Jerseys livelihood decimated

By Leonard GildarieWhen was the last time you had someone check the wiring inside your home?Growing up, I had difficulties saying no to friends and work colleagues. I was always more of a quiet follower.But family responsibilities and dedication forced me to take quick stock. The real world quickly toughened me.Management is a difficult thing. You have to learn to be kind, harsh, patient and most times highly unpopular, at different hours of the day.I have learnt to live with it. I have also learnt the dynamics of management.Recently, there was a raging debate of the hike in salary that Government gave to its ministers, Parliamentarians and others. It may very well be the worse public whipping that the new administration received since taking office in May.I felt it was too early. The new administration could have waited and maybe with consultations moved to implementation.However, the explanations given by Minister Raphael Trotman and his apologetic tone asking for Guyana to trust the Government, is a good start.For too long, we were afraid as a people to say sorry. We were afraid to tell our leaders that they messed up. I am not sure why. This country belongs to us. We are not perfect. We have to take responsibility and hold each other accountable.I saw on Friday the M&CC has started publishing photographs of litterbugs in a name and shame campaign. We have tried so many things in the past to clean-up our city and Guyana. Let us hope that M&CC and even the other town councils and NDCs hop on aboard in the name-and-shame initiative.There is nothing wrong in saying we erred. Let me say that if one can argue that the scrutiny on the previous PPP/C government was significant, then attention on this new administration would surely be double. It is expected. Times have changed.There is a growing wave of impatience and any new Government will have to come good.This past week also I saw the Ministry of Public Infrastructure announcing plans to reduce electrical fires by 75 percent.The ministry, now tasked with responsibilities for energy, saw more than 50 persons – contractors, engineers, lecturers and instructors– participating in a National Electrical Code (NEC) training workshop at the Regency Suites/Hotel, Georgetown.Under the new code, the new government intends to implement a US set of rules as far as electrical works are concerned.Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson, at the opening ceremony, said that while many examples can be cited and which pinpoint the unquantifiable losses due to fires of electrical origin, what stands paramount is the adherence to the same rules,Cheap Jerseys, and following the same set of standards which are delineated in the NEC.“We cannot allow that state of play to continue…We have to standardise our approaches… We must adhere to the one code that governs us all. The NEC is structured in such a way that it gives the requisite guidance for all aspects of our operations, whether we are contractors, engineers, lecturers, or instructors. We must hold each other’s feet to the fire of compliance, to ensure that other people don’t get burnt,” Minister Ferguson explained.She added that compliance to these standards is ultra-critical, as without it, lives will be lost, properties destroyed, livelihood decimated,cheap nfl jerseys, and generations of hard work literally brought to naught.Two years ago, I called for stricter monitoring and tougher regulations to ensure that electrical wirings of homes and buildings are in keeping with international standards.I am glad we have reached the stage where a new code is being discussed.I see too many fires happening. It has a devastating impact on families and businesses and by extension,Cheap Jerseys From China, the entire country.Many homes are without insurance. Many homes, also alarmingly, have wires that were installed more than 25 years ago.Times have changed. Our equipment are much different. The wires would have gotten older.When was the last time your home was inspected?I pointed out two years ago that many new homeowners concentrate on building their homes but pay little attention to important things like wiring.Too often,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, to cut costs, a fly-by-night electrician is hired. With GPL’s networks and electrical surges being the way it is, I fear for many poor homeowners who would have bought poor quality materials too.GPL in the past had made it clear its mandate stops at the meter. Everything else in the home falls under the jurisdiction of the Government inspectorate.There is little inspection in the homes other than what was done by the electrician.Strict measures should be in place for installations to only be done by certified electricians.Homeowners should demand to see evidence.As a requirement, all wires buried in walls should be in conduits (PVC pipes).Single cables should not be run in ceiling or anywhere without using conduit, trunking or other suitable methods for protecting the cables from mechanical or other damage.This particular one is what I am worried about. Many homeowners, to cut costs, run the wires in the ceiling without the conduits. More than anything else, I fear rats. But leaks too from the roof over time can be even more worrisome. This will invariably lead to problems. You may have to replace the wiring in 10 years if the house does not burn down.Without showing a preference to any brands of wiring, I must point out that cheap is not always good. Speak to the electrician about choosing the right electrical wires.Now,NFL Jerseys Cheap, again because of the problems with GPL in especially new housing schemes with power spikes,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, low voltage, rats and other factors, I am urging that homeowners insist on educating themselves and asking questions.The Ministry of Public Infrastructure and GPL should also collaborate to launch a countrywide campaign on the dangers of old wiring as well as the new requirements.Many homeowners are totally unaware of the pitfalls.Enjoy the weekend, folks!