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When the matter against Information and Press Liaison to the President,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, Kwame McCoy,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, was calledKwame Mc Coybefore Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry yesterday, he was absent with the court threatening to issue an arrest warrant if it happens again.The result is that a new date was set for the defendant to return to court.McCoy is facing two charges of assault causing actual bodily harm. It is alleged that he maliciously and unlawfully wounded Clifton Stewart and Natalie Ross. He was also charged for using threatening language towards Stewart.McCoy,NFL Jerseys Supply, on November 12, allegedly drove his vehicle in a dangerous manner and hit Natalie Ross, rendering her unconscious.The Liaison posted at Office of the President is also accused of causing harm to Stewart. It was alleged that McCoy on November 12 at Norton Street, Lodge told the victim that he was a marked man and began to –take pictures of Stewart.McCoy is being represented by Defence Lawyer Bernard De Santos, SC, who said that since McCoy’s first appearance at the court in early December last year,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, he had not heard from his client. De Santos further stated that he was unsure of his client’s whereabouts.This caused the court to caution that if McCoy does not present himself on the next occasion, it is likely that an arrest warrant may be issued.The government official, however,Wholesale Jerseys, presented himself about half an hour after his matter was called and was ordered to return to court on March 27.The Prosecutor had said that members of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) were erecting posters of the party’s Presidential candidate,China Jerseys, David Granger, when they were approached by McCoy who allegedly told them to “get that f**ing thing down”.  The court heard that an argument ensued between McCoy and Ross.The accused subsequently got into his vehicle and hit the woman with his car. Ross had to be hospitalized for a few days.An argument reportedly started between Mc Coy and Stewart during which time Mc Coy allegedly pulled out a silver gun and hit Stewart across the head. The man also had to seek medical attention at the hospital.

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