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….Region Four still highestThe trend in the reported cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), according to local statistics,Authentic NHL Jerseys, has shown that there was a decline in the infection rate as at the end of last year, as it relates to both the male and female genders.This was chronicled in a report issued by the Ministry of Health, Department of Disease Control, which indicated that, while the reported cases were significant in 2006,Jerseys Wholesale, there was a notable decline last year.According to the Head of the Department, Chief Medical Officer (ag) Dr Shamdeo Persaud, the statistics of the reported cases are documented annually, and have, so far, been completed for 2007.The department is currently working on collating statistics for the first half of this year.According to the department’s HIV/AIDS summary statistics, in the year 2006, the reported cases as they relates to the HIV infection of males amounted to 591, an amount that was significantly reduced to 422 last year.For females, on the other hand,NFL Jerseys From China, the amount of reported HIV cases peaked at an all-time high of 626 in 2006, but was lowered last year to 531.Based on the statistics, the overall total of reported cases in 2006 was in excess of 1,000, the gender of 41 of which was not determined.A similar trend was observed last year,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, when 40 of the 993 reported cases were not categorized by gender, hence remained in an unknown category.Dating back from the year 2000, the summary report indicated, there has been fluctuation in the reported cases of both genders, revealing that while 348 male cases were reported in 2000, that amount dropped to 174 in 2001.The reported male cases, however, climbed to a notable 301 in 2002, and continued to move upwards – 339, 368 – over the following two years.In 2005, the reported cases for the male gender dropped to 325, but the report churned out its highest amount in 2006, then fell to 422 last year.The trend for the female cases revealed that 300 were reported in the year 2000,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, 226 in 2001, 268 in 2002, 368 in 2003, 408 in 2004 and 421 in 2005.The cases, however, climaxed in 2006, before dropping last year.Statistics pertaining to the reported cases of full blown AIDS revealed that the number of reported cases for both genders fell to double-digits in 2005, which was maintained even up to last year.In 2005, the amount of reported AIDS cases for males was 58, but it increased to 99 cases in 2006, noticeably dropping to 80 as at the just concluded year.Female cases, on the other hand, were 77 in 2005, but dropped to 68 in 2006, and continued to drop last year with a total of 49 cases.Most of the reported cases for both HIV and AIDS were recorded in Region Four, with the 30-34 age range accounting for the most HIV cases,Wholesale Jerseys China, and the 35-39 category accounting for most AIDS cases.According to Dr Shamdeo Persaud, the team at the Department of Disease Control is continually striving to ensure that statistics are up to date, and thus can give some idea of the HIV/AIDS situation in Guyana.

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