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There was a time when one could have looked at the administrative structure of the Guyana Police Force and predict who would be the next Commissioner of Police—not so now.There was a time when the force had no less than five Deputy Commissioners, heading the strategic departments such as Administration, Criminal Investigation,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Special Branch and Operations.Under Commissioner Winston Felix, there were Henry Greene,Sale NFL Jerseys, Edward Wills, Leon Trim, Sydney Bunbury and Mohamed Jameer as Deputy Commissioners.But since Greene was appointed as the country’s top cop, there has been no move to appoint Deputy Commissioners, a position which has denied the now retired Assistant Commissioner Paul Slowe.But the recent retirement of Slowe has created a huge void in the succession plan of the Guyana Police Force.With nine persons now lined up as Assistant Commissioners of Police, it is anyone’s guess who will succeed incumbent Commissioner Henry Greene who is already past the age of retirement.A list of the Assistant Commissioners of Police reads (not necessarily in order of seniority): Khrishna Lakeraj; Leroy Brummell; Paulette Morrison; Balram Persaud; George Vyphuis; Gavin Primo; Steve Merai; Seelall Persaud and David Ramnarine.It so happens that whenever Greene is on official business overseas, it’s always a toss-up as to who holds the reigns of the Force in his absence.Previously, Deputy Commissioner (rtd) Edward Wills performed the duties as Commissioner of Police in Greene’s absence.More recently,China Jerseys Cheap, both Khrishna Lakeraj and Leroy Brummell have had such opportunities. But their positions in terms of leading the Force in the near future, is no certainty.Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee is not too worried about the present situation. He is of the view that whenever the time comes, the correct decision on who will lead the Force when Greene departs will be made.Lakeraj is the most senior of the Assistant Commissioners, followed by Brummell and Morrison. But most observers believe that should Lakeraj be overlooked for the post, both Morrison and Brummell would be hard pressed to accede to the Top Cop position.Both have had their share of censorship—Brummell as Commander of the East Coast Division at the time of the Lusignan massacre, and Morrison for the role she played as Commander of the West Demerara Division,China NFL Jerseys, where the torture of a 16-year-old boy almost decimated the image of the Guyana Police Force. This is coupled with the fact that Guyana may not be ready to welcome its first female Commissioner of Police.The other Assistant Commissioners have only had limited experience in their respective positions and it seems hardly likely that they will be considered at least for now. But then again stranger things have happened in the past.For example, almost the entire top brass of the Guyana Defence Force was re-adjusted by the present PPP/C administration following the retirement of Brigadier General Edward Collins.And with the recent disclosure by Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, that an army Lt. Colonel has been seconded to the Guyana Prison Service as the Second in Command, there is the likelihood that similar moves could be made with regards to the Guyana Police Force.Rohee, for his part, told this newspaper that the appointment of Deputy Commissioners was not a significant part of the police reform agenda. At present,Jerseys From China, the four departments that are supposed to be headed by Deputy Commissioners are wantonly short.The Criminal Investigations Department is currently being headed by Assistant Commissioner Seelall Persaud, the Operations Department is now under the command of Assistant Commissioner Khrishna Lakeraj; Assistant Commissioner Leroy Brummell is overlooking the Force’s Administration Department,Nike NFL Jerseys China, while a Senior Superintendent heads the Special Branch.The other Assistant Commissioners with the exception of Paulette Morrison are all Divisional Commanders.

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