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LINE PATH,NFL Jerseys Cheap, CORRIVERTON – It may have been a case of mistaken identity,Cheap Jerseys, but a Corentyne family was robbed at gunpoint over the weekend. The incident took place at about 21:30 hours on Saturday at Lot 14 Line Path, Corriverton.Rama Jagdeo, a market vendor of the Skeldon Market, was relieved at her home of $40,000, a mobile phone and a passport by four masked men. Each was said to be carrying a handgun.The vendor lives in the lower flat with her mother. Reports are that the two were conversing when the robbers entered through an open door.It is believed that the bandits went to the wrong flat,Jerseys Wholesale, since on the upper floor were two overseas-based Guyanese on vacation.After realizing that Jagdeo was not their intended target, the bandits reportedly enquired of the whereabouts of the foreigners.When the victim did not respond, the men dealt her several lashes with the butt of the gun. She sustained minor injuries.The victim,Cheap Buffalo Bills Jerseys, moments later,Cheap Jerseys China, opened a wardrobe and handed the money over. The robbers discharged one round and fled the scene. The matter was reported to the Springlands Police Station,Cheap NFL Jerseys, but no one has yet been arrested. Police are investigating.

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