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Several containers of rice ready to be shipped have been delayed since last week, because of a hold up of Customs documents and millers and exporters are fearful that their overseas markets may be in jeopardy.Yesterday, General Manager of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), Jagnarine Singh,China Jerseys Cheap, said that he met with the officials of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) during the day and it was promised that a resolution would have been reached yesterday.Waiting: Bags of rice waiting to be transported to the wharves.He said that the shipping bills will be ready by today.With most ships leaving by the weekend, it may be a few more days before the rice actually leaves Guyana.An irate Chief Executive Officer of the Ruimzeight Rice Mills, Turhane Doerga, said that at least 15 containers shipped by his company were being delayed.There were reports that other heavily hit mills and exporters were Nand Persaud and Company from Berbice, Hack from West Demerara and at least one exporter, Inter Bahia, said that about 350 tonnes are waiting to be shipped.Several trucks from Berbice loaded with rice reportedly had to wait for days in Georgetown and millers and exporters alike yesterday said that they had incurred additional expenses of paying drivers and porters for sleeping overnight.“All the millers have been affected and have been calling each other,” Doerga said.The rice miller said that several calls to GRDB were met by a variety of excuses.With the El Nino ravaging the country and rice farmers severely affected,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Doerga estimates that about 40 per cent of the rice planted in the West Demerara area may be lost because of the shortage of irrigation waters. This will definitely hamper projections and the next crop, he felt.“I don’t want to know what the problem is. We pay him (Jagnarine Singh). He ought to do his job.”According to Doerga, the government’s policy on the rice industry is confusing.On one hand, Government is saying that the rice industry is crucial to the country. On the other hand,China Jerseys Cheap, the actions reflect a different scenario.The rice miller drew reference to a recent deal with Venezuela; a potential market which was brought to the attention of the rice officials. However, the government with the collaboration of GRDB,Cheap NFL Jerseys, among others, sidelined his company and went to Venezuela without even extending an invitation.Pointing out that he is a foreigner, Doerga said that it would be difficult to tell Government that its policies are not working. The blocking of the exports of the Mahaicony Rice Mills,Cheap Jerseys From China, one of the largest purchasers of paddy, also came under fire.CEO of Ruimzeight Rice Mills, Turhane DoergaAccording to Doerga, farmers were left holding on to paddy with nowhere to sell and at the mercy of receiving low prices.There is the urgent need for an intervention fund, something mooted before, but to date nothing done.With the current price at around $3,500 per bag of paddy, the reality is that farmers are losing money hands down.Stressing the millers cannot be blamed, Doerga noted that with the market now under threat from this delay in Customs documents, is a further blow to the rice industry.“We will not allow government to tell farmers that millers are the cause (of the problems).”The rice miller said that it is clear that there is huge confidence in the industry. Ruimzeight Rice is investing almost US$1.5M to beef up its operations. In Essequibo, there are moves to commission two new state-of-the-art parboil plant with another in Berbice. These companies recognise the impending shortage of rice on the world market.The rice miller also called for Government to seriously consider the establishment of a rice terminal. Sugar and bauxite both have one. A facility that could have been put to use at Kingston has been taken over by a construction firm and this has been converted into a shipping area with materials and heavy vehicles being stored there.Exporters are also suffering from the current wharf loading conditions where in cases there are several unsafe factors,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, he said.

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