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–    Judge overrules no case submissionJustice Navindra Singh yesterday overruled the no case submission presented by Defence Attorneys, Glenn Hanoman and Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos in the trial of four persons for the September 2009 unlawful killing of US-based Guyanese, Motielall Singh.On Friday, State Prosecutor, Judith Mursalin-Gildharie, called the last witness to the stand.  Bibi Farida Khan, called ‘Pum’, Shamiza Khan called ‘Sham,’ Hoosman Khan, called ‘Strongman’- (Singh’s stepchildren) and Bissoondial Mahadeo, called ‘Weed Man’,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, are on trial for the murder.A fifth person, Ayube Hamid, called ‘Little’ was also charged for Singh’s murder but he subsequently died in prison.The prosecution closed its case after police witness, Corporal Dolce Abrams of the Leonora Police Station,Wholesale Jerseys, testified to witnessing the statement given by the number three accused, Shamiza Khan.An earlier witness, Keith Boodram, had told the court that Singh’s relatives had offered him US$700 to murder their stepfather.However, the witness,Wholesale Jerseys From China, a former policeman, said he made off with the money without harming Singh but the relatives then allegedly paid others to commit the crime.Details of the murder case, which occurred in September 2009 state that Hoosman Khan, one of the accused was at First Street, Windsor Forest, West Coast Demerara, with his stepfather when three masked men attacked them from behind.  Khan told police that the men told him to “run for his life,” which he did.He subsequently took the police officers to the scene, where the lifeless body of a man was seen in a pool of blood.The man was later discovered to be Motielall Singh, a resident of Lot 290 Hemlock Street, Brooklyn,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, New York.Police Investigators later recovered a ‘black knob’ of a knife from the crime scene. However the blade was never found.Following his ruling on the no case submission by Justice Singh yesterday, all four accused elected to give unsworn statements, when they were called upon to lead their individual defense in the matter.The number one accused, Bissoondial Mahadeo, called “Weedman” told the judge and jury that he does know how he ended up before the court for the murder of Motielall Singh.“I was going to shop to buy bread when police pull up in a van and ask me if I know about a murder last night. I told them no…They asked me if I know somebody name Weed Man and I said ‘no my call name is Ricky.’“They told me to get in the van and they took me to Leonora Police Station…”Mahadeo told the court that while at the station, police had handcuffed him to chair and beat him on “his belly and foot bottom, and poured methylated spirits on him.”Hoosman Khan told the court that he had accompanied his stepfather to Bayveiw at Blankenburg, West Coast Demerara to have drinks.He claimed that they were attacked by three masked men while on their way home.“I was walking at the back when three masked men attack we. They come from behind and throw down Motielall Singh… One of them pull out a knife pun me and I get frighten and I run away.”Khan also alleged that the police had beaten him after his arrest.“They tied a black plastic bag over my head I started to pant for breathe …They tie a sheet over me head and beat with a bat pun meh buttocks.”Shamiza Khan related that after the incident a police rank accompanied Hoosman Khan to her residence where they collected documents and other items belonging to Singh.She said that she later learned that she would be in police custody at Leonora for 72 hours. Her sister,Andrew Franks Dolphins Jersey, Bibi Farida Khan told the court that before his death she and her stepfather had shared a close relationship. She said that she could not remember in the detail the series of events that took place when her stepfather was allegedly murdered.The defense subsequently called a police witness to the stand.The witness, Anand Sookhoo, had reportedly escorted Khan and Mahadeo to the Georgetown Prisons after their first court appearance. He testified that both men had complained about being assaulted by the police, which he recorded.The matter is adjourned until Wednesday. On that date,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys 2018, the defense is expected to call another witness to the stand.In her opening statement to the court, the Prosecutor revealed that the post mortem report stated that Singh died of shock and haemorrhage due to multiple stab wounds. He had been stabbed 20 times about his body.

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