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Twenty-eight Guyanese youngsters are now better musicians following their graduation from the Republic Bank Limited (RBL) Right Start Music Literacy: Pan Minors Programme.The just over two dozen students graduated on Friday during a simple ceremony held at Tipperary Hall in Buxton, East Coast Demerara. A number of officials, both from RBL and the Department of Culture, Youth and Sport were present.The Buxton community is no stranger to music. The Buxton Pride Steel Orchestra are the reigning School Band champs in the annual Pan-O-Rama competition for two consecutive years. In fact, that very orchestra was formed as a result of the music literacy camp. This recently concluded programme marks the fourth of its kind.The class began with 30 but was whittled down to 28, and the successful students received certificates of participation from the Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry.During brief remarks, Minister Henry said that the Ministry is pleased to partner with the community and RBL,Cheap Jerseys China, the main sponsor of the programme.The programme’s participants pose with their certificates following the graduation ceremony. With them is Minister within the Education Ministry, Nicolette Henry (seated,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, left)Additionally, Minister Henry explained that the programme seeks to promote and develop the steel pan art form while providing youths with an opportunity to develop self-discipline and the spirit of team work. The workshop also introduced its participants to the basic elements of music theory and teaches them the basic skills required to play the steel pan, while enhancing their playing technique.While presenting his report on the camp,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, Fitzroy Younge,NFL Jerseys China, one of the programme’s instructors, said that the students learnt to play five songs during the programme. Further, the students were drawn from schools including President’s College, Lancaster Secondary, Ann’s Grove Secondary, Buxton Secondary and Gibson Primary schools.Younge stressed that the programme was a tremendous success and is an indication that the art form will never die. He added that it is also a mechanism of bringing the youths in the community closer together.Just last week, Minister of Education Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine lauded RBL for its investment in music literacy in Guyana. The music literacy programme was launched early last month and RBL donated $1.3M to the Department of Culture,Wholesale Jerseys, Youth and Sport.Republic Bank has long been touted for its contribution to pan music in Guyana. For a number of years,Cheap Jerseys China, the bank has been hosting the annual Republic Bank Mashramani Pan-o-Rama Steel Band Competition while it launched the music literacy programme several years ago until its “Power to Make a Difference” initiative.The recently concluded camp in Buxton was the fourth of sixth being embarked upon during the holiday season. These camps were scheduled to be conducted in Regions 3, 4, 6, and Georgetown. Along with Tipperary Hall, other venues such as the Berbice High School, the Bishops’ High School, and the National School of Music partook in the activities.According to the Education Ministry, about 155 students are expected to have benefited from the month-long music programme at its conclusion.

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