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The Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT), a group comprising primarily APNU/PNC members and supporters, yesterday reiterated that it will stand by its call on Guyana’s youths to be responsible consumers and to spend wisely. However the youth body has emphasised that it has not issued,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, endorsed or supported any list of businesses to be boycotted.“We understand that agent provocateurs, acting on behalf of the PPP/C have been attempting to suggest that there is some list of businesses to be boycotted and that such a list originated out of this organization”.The YCT says it deems the ploy as deliberate and intended to cause serious confusion and conjure up malice, hate, and racial conflict.Further the YCT said it read with scorn,Cheap China Jerseys, the Guyana Times article published on 12/11/2011 and captioned “Businessmen express disgust over APNU’s boycott call”.“We see this article as inflammatory, libelous and wicked. In that article it is stated that there is a list of some 70 businesses that YCT has targeted to be boycotted,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the article went on further to attribute a racial slant to the story, when the editor, making reference to street protest wrote, “One Regent Street businessman reminisced bitterly that more than 30 Indo Guyanese businessmen had been robbed and murdered in 1999 alone”.The YCT believes that the Guyana Times is “another PPP/C propaganda tool fashioned and oiled to spew messages of racial strife, and hate”. The body added that “it has been noted with pause, that the same stories of extortion pedaled,Cheap NFL Jerseys, by Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, against Mayor Green, a few weeks ago, are now being used by Guyana Times to malign YCT, this makes it clear to all that there might be an orchestrated attempt by Guyana Times and their political masters to attempt to stir up unnecessary trouble”.The body pointed to former President Bharrat Jagdeo who called on PPP/C supporters to boycott Kaieteur News and Stabroek News.“Where was the Guyana Times when then President Jagdeo’s Government caused grave financially injury to Stabroek News by refusing to put Government Ads in the said daily…Did they react with this level of pomposity,Jerseys NFL Cheap, hostility and disdain? Certainly not! YCT would, therefore, like to categorically state that Guyana Times and company must take full responsibility for the consequences of any unwarranted action which results from this provocative article, we the young people of this country will not be intimidated by those with ‘power purses’.Further the YCT noted that it wishes, “to employ preventative measures and therefore, calls on Guyanese to resist reading the Guyana Times Newspapers just as it they have desisted from reading the Guyana Chronicle in order to preserve their sanity and avoid being provoked”.YCT also stated: “the incessant hostility with which the Government-run-NCN and certain sections of Guyanese society have displayed toward the noble efforts of Guyana’s youth to change for better in the world within which they live and asks if it is too much for these media houses and personalities to be fair and impartial.Further the YCT says it prides itself in being a disciplined organization that is business friendly but it’s first and foremost responsibility is the young people of this nation, the poor and the unemployed.We of the YCT are of the firm belief that the vulnerable need special attention and we are prepared to do all within our power to lend a helping hand through training mentoring and financial assistance.”The body in its statement also stressed the importance of being fiscally conservative.“YCT reminds every Guyanese that Christmas is about Christ and not about lavish spending. We therefore wish to ask every Guyanese to refuse to spend, except it becomes absolutely necessary,Cheap Jerseys From China, especially in this festive season…let us refrain from adorning our homes with all the lavish decorations and paraphernalia and think about how we can use that money to invest in books for ourselves and children.”

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