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This model home,NHL Jerseys From China, framed by pinewood,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, which one local hardware company is hoping to import in a large-scale way, will be on display at the National Stadium during the upcoming International Building Expo.By Leonard GildarieLast week, we examined the timeliness of the second International Building Expo which begins this Friday at the National Stadium, Providence. We also spoke of one important feature that may once again surface this year…a model home of that is low-cost and affordable for the first time home owner. This is somewhat relative to the theme for this year’s event, ‘Bridging the Gap transforming Guyana’.Judging from the number of calls and emails, it is clear that issue has struck a chord with many of the readers. Who wouldn’t be interested in finding ways to reduce construction costs…whether it is at the purchasing stage or with the labour figures?This year’s exposition also has an interesting twist. The government has announced that it will be recognizing a company that introduces an innovative product or service during the show, with a Presidential Award.Last year, the wood frame windows and brick pavers were a huge attraction for me. However, this year,wholesale nfl jerseys, at least one company is reportedly gearing to introduce low-cost, pre-fabricated building at the expo.I am not sure exactly what low-cost would entail, as individuals differ on this. How low should a home cost? Is it possible to build a $500,000 home?But imagine the possibility of wanting to build, for the sake of argument, a 9,000 square foot home. Imagine that a local company can deliver the walls and the roof already made. All that needs to be done are the installations of inner fittings including the toilet, kitchen and lighting fixtures.No longer would it be necessary for the elaborate preparations for heavy casting of the foundations and plastering and laying of concrete blocks. However, because of the attraction to concrete blocks by homebuilders, any company dabbling with prefabs will have to ensure that quality, price and attraction form an equal of any such product.I would love to see such prefab homes marketed in encouraging quantities in Guyana, especially using local materials.There are numerous companies online that deal with the production of prefab homes. I even saw a few that convert shipping containers into homes. It is awesome to see the changes.The exposition at the National Stadium would also see several new products being introduced to local consumers. While the Housing Ministry was reluctant to divulge these “innovations” until the event,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping, I would love to see new designs for homes that would involve “green technology”. These homes utilize spaces and practical windows, and even transparent roofing materials, to optimize the use of light and air flow.I would also be heartened to see an alternative to local lumber. Prices have been climbing, with greenheart hovering around $300 per BM and hardwood around $200. Maybe metal frames for rafters???Aside from that, this past week a reader raised an interesting issue that I felt was worth sharing.Many persons building their homes fail to plan their design to fully utilize yard space. It is either too close to the front fence with no place for car parking or designed in such a way that it does not leave much for other plans.One of these plans,Cheap Jerseys From China, the reader argued,China Jerseys Cheap, is extension to the home. Does your home have enough space in the yard for another room to be added in later days? What about a garage separate to the home? Always cater for another bedroom; maybe space for a kitchen garden or a little chicken coop or even a hangout spot if you are the sporty kind.Next week, I will definitely be at the housing expo at Providence. We will be publishing a few choice pictures of products and “new” innovations that will certainly be of interest to new homebuilders.Until then, enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to call us at 225-8491 or write [email protected]

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