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標題: NFL Jerseys Supply activist Clifton Stewart [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1Dur    時間: 2018-2-14 00:07     標題: NFL Jerseys Supply activist Clifton Stewart

Police have finally received a statement from A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) activist Clifton Stewart,Clifton Stewartwho was allegedly struck with a gun by Information Liaison to the President, Kwame McCoy last Saturday.In a brief interview with Kaieteur News, Stewart confirmed that he visited the East La Penitence Police Station on Wednesday. He was accompanied by an APNU official. The Lodge resident said that he handed over his medical certificate and gave a statement to a senior officer at the East La Penitence Police Station.According to Stewart, the police promised to ‘get back’ to him on the matter.“I am hoping that I will get a quick response,” the 50-year-old man said.“The ball is now in the hands of the police…they claimed that they were waiting for a statement from me. I want this thing to go through to the courts.”Stewart had initially said that he was reluctant to go to the police,Cheap NFL Jerseys, expressing fear for his safety. Police had told Kaieteur News that arrangements were made on Tuesday to have Stewart meet with Commander of ‘A’ Division,Cheap Jerseys Online, George Vyphuis. However, Stewart did not turn up.A police official also revealed that McCoy has spoken to the police and had promised to give them a statement. Kaieteur News was unable to ascertain whether this has been done.In a televised statement,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, Stewart said that he was at home at around 20:10 hrs on Saturday when he decided to purchase some mosquito coils at a shop on D’Urban Street.Stewart said that as he entered D’Urban Street, he saw four vehicles, and observed Kwame McCoy,Pat Tillman Cardinals Jersey, who was instructing persons to put up political posters in the area.According to the APNU activist, McCoy instructed his assistants to erect the posters over those of APNU’s Presidential Candidate David Granger’s.Stewart said that he cautioned McCoy about covering Granger’s posters.Stewart alleged that McCoy responded by warning him that he was ‘a marked man’ and began taking pictures of him. The Lodge resident claimed that he began to walk away,Cheap China Jerseys, while McCoy followed, still taking pictures of him. Eventually, some women in the street saw what was happening and they engaged McCoy in a verbal altercation.According to Stewart, he told the women that Mc Coy only had 16 days left “to go on with these things”.He claimed that Mc Coy responded ‘is another five more years I got in y’all ass’.Kwame McCoy“I say ‘yuh mean is five years in jail. With that, he come out of the vehicle and throw a punch at me,” Stewart said.The man said that he parried the blow but McCoy then “pulled out a gun” and struck him in the head. Stewart said that he then made a report at a police station and was given a medical, which he took to a hospital. The man said that he also made a complaint to the APNU leadership team,Cheap Jerseys, which is looking into the matter.

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