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標題: Wholesale Jerseys Online Residents in Betsy Ground [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1Dur    時間: 2017-11-15 01:11     標題: Wholesale Jerseys Online Residents in Betsy Ground

Residents in Betsy Ground, Canje, especially businesses,Wholesale Jerseys China, are at their wits end as bandits are on the rampage once again.On Friday four masked men dressed in Black and armed with guns and cutlasses entered the business premises of S. Baljit and Sons which is operated by Rajbali and his family. The intruders proceeded to rob them of cash,Cheap Jerseys From China, jewelry and a number of Phone cards before making good their escape.The residence which houses a liquor restaurant on the bottom flat was still open for business. A number of patrons was on the premises when the men barged in around 21:30 hrs.The men broke the bulb outside the shop before sticking up every one. One of the occupants was kicked in the face as the men went on their rampage,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, before escaping. The ordeal lasted for about half an hour. The police were contacted and arrived on the scene, but the men had already made good their escape.Some known suspects in the area were identified as the convicts since the residents are familiar with them.  A few have been arrested so far and the cops are on the hunt for the others.A few weeks ago another businessman,NFL Jerseys China, Maurice Sookraj,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, was robbed for the sixth time and the same gang was suspected to be responsible. One man was seen breaking into the shop and shots were fired at him. However he managed to escape.The bandit is a known character and was identified to the policed by Sookraj,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, but to date although the man can be seen roaming the streets he has not been arrested.The area is devoid of electricity since one of the electricity posts was damaged over three months and has not yet been fixed.

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