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Leonard Arokium, the owner of the mining camp in which eight miners were found dead, is insisting that the killings were not the work of the gang that the security forces are pursuing.Speaking to this newspaper last night, the still distraught dredge owner gave a detailed explanation of the layout of the area, and was at pains to point out that it would be improbable for the gunmen to attack his camp.According to Arokium, his camp is situated near a mountain range,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, and it is unlikely that the fleeing gunmen would have travelled that area in their bid to escape, since they would have been risking running right into the arms of the Joint Services ranks who were guarding the Unamco Road which leads out from the area.With a topographic map of the area at his disposal, Arokium, a land surveyor by profession, explained that the Joint Services had established a base at a place called The Gate (check point) along the Unamco Road, 68 kilometres (40 miles) south of Kwakwani, up the Berbice River.Another camp operated by a Brazilian is another four kilometres (2.5 miles) south of the checkpoint along the said road.Arokium disclosed that his camp is another four kilometres south of the Brazilian camp, but about one mile from the Unamco Road.The Christmas Falls camp where the gunmen were hiding out is about 15 kilometres (nine miles) from Arokium’s camp, but across the Berbice River and to the east.He explained that, from his estimation, when the bandits were first attacked, they would have had to use the flatlands on the east side of the Berbice River to make good their escape, since it would not have been wise for them to pursue a course towards his camp, which would have entailed navigating a difficult mountain range.It later transpired that the men also crossed the Berbice River using a makeshift raft.It is unthinkable that the gunmen would cross the Berbice River,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, kill the miners and then recross, since by continuing on their northward course they would have been heading straight into the army checkout at The Gate.Very UnlikelyThe fact that the gunmen reportedly ended up near Ituni (near 90 km north) a few days after the initial raid, strongly suggests that the escaping bandits used the flatlands, which represent a quicker route.Arokium is adamant that the bandits would not risk a confrontation with the security forces and would have avoided any contact with the heavily guarded road that would lead them to his camp.He said that the security forces who were stationed at the checkpoint had an idea where his camp was, since they, along with his son, Dax, (who was among those believed dead) had slaughtered a cow and shared the meat.Another of his employees, Cedric Wong, had been dropped by the soldiers to the trail leading to the camp on numerous occasions.“So the soldiers had to know that the camp was located in that area.”He believes that it could have been a case where the ranks, having knowledge of his operations, attacked his camp and robbed his employees.“Maybe two or three of them did that,” he suggested.Early Sunday evening, the Police had initially told this newspaper that they had not located the camp where the charred bodies were. Mr Arokium said that this was not the case.“I told them that I was sick and I could not go with them, so I sent another man to show them where the camp is,” Arokium explained.  Arokium said he was told by this man that they discovered the camp at 15:00 hrs.He said that late Sunday evening he received a call from a senior Police officer, who appeared to be angry that they had not located the camp, telling him that they were led to the wrong place.  Later on Sunday evening,Cheap NHL Jerseys, the Police retracted that statement and indicated that the camp was indeed located.Police said that they recovered several 7.62×39 spent shells,Cheap Wholelsale NFL jerseys, but up to late last night, they could not say what the ballistics results were.On Sunday, after several hours of searching, a Joint Services team and Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh located the remains of the eight diamond miners.SpeculationsYesterday, Mr Arokium said it is unthinkable that a large fire could have been used to burn the bodies of eight men without attracting the attention of soldiers located only a few kilometres away and a Brazilian camp only two miles away.A tremendous amount of heat would have had to be used, with lots of fuel, to bring the bodies to the point where only bones and skulls remained.Speculation remained rife yesterday as to how the miners met their end.One theory is that they were slain by fleeing gunmen who were being pursued by the Guyana Defence Force Special Forces Unit. The other theory is that the miners were mistakenly slain.There are reports that,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, as early as last Wednesday, persons had indicated that there was shooting at a camp a few miles from Christmas Falls, where the Police had ambushed a gang of gunmen, killing Otis ‘Mud Up’ Fiffee in the process.According to him, he had received reports that the crew had ‘washed down’on Saturday, June 14.He believes that his crew was slain between Sunday, June 15 and Monday, June 16.   The pathologist is still to pronounce on this. However, the men might have been killed earlier, since,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, according to Mr Arokium, he had not made any contact with them for some time.On Monday, June 16, gang members Cecil Ramcharran, called ‘Uncle Willie’, and Robin Chung, called ‘Chung Boy’,  were killed at Goat Farm, an area on the left bank of the Berbice River some 90 kilometres from Arokium’s camp.This occurred shortly after the gang had hijacked a mini-bus at Aroaima.A 15-year-old boy, who is said to be a member of the gang, was arrested on the same day at Ituni.On Saturday, dredge owner Leonard Arokium discovered the charred remains of his son and other employees when he went into the area, some 10 miles from Christmas Falls, to take in rations for his operation.

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