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By: Phylicia RichardsonGuyanese from as far as North America have voiced their opinion on the predominance of violence against women in Guyana. Ten women have been murdered in less than four months; the majority of cases are yet to be solved.Three of the women were minors, while two of them were elderly women who lived alone.The victims include Sophia arson victim Tabola Abrams, 39; businesswoman Patricia Sanasie; 19-year-old Shazina Mahamad; Ramdai Mohabir, 67; Suroogpattie Ramlakan, 73; Quineza Patricia Benn; Alicia Ali, 14; Samantha Benjamin, 40; 17-year-old Davykumarie Ramadar and Allisia McPherson, 19.The slaying of these women was seen by many to be “brutal” and “inhumane”. Opinions have swamped social media following the most recent of these killings; that of Allisia McPherson.At the APNU+AFC women’s rally, the female speakers all spoke on the rights of women. They indicated how serious the party is about violence against women. Making reference to the abuse meted out by former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, to his then wife, Varshanie Singh, the women advocated that regardless of one’s status in society one will be held culpable of the offence.Dr. Latchmie Poonalal, one of the speakers at the rally,Sale NFL Jerseys, said that, it is time to stop the violence against women. “Together women and an APNU+AFC government will make it happen,Discount Nike Air Force One Shoes,” said Poonalal.Pat Small-Bristol, an overseas-based Guyanese has commented on McPherson’s gruesome murder. She said, “There is one thing that bothers me; what are these young girls doing out late at night and into the early hours of the morning with men/boyfriends? Shouldn’t they be in bed or just be getting out of bed? I blame some of the parents because they think and say we are in a modern society and that our foreparents were old fashioned. Believe me, this generation is paying for those words.”She recalled, “As a child growing up I never heard of so many cases of abuse and murder.” She then lamented, “Babies are making babies; fathers disown the babies even though they are sleeping with the women every night of the week. I believe that women should speak out and not keep their abuse a secret; it always leads to murder.”“I have never been a victim, but I have very strong feelings for people that are victims of abuse. It is not something that should happen to mankind regardless of the situation. If two persons cannot get along they should be sensible enough to part as friends and not as abusers or murderers. In my book you do not destroy what you love; there is surely no love in a murderer’s life. It is more aggression and control.”Small-Bristol has said that she will be setting up a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Guyana to help curb violence against women. “I am coming to set up that place call ‘Teaching the Abused’.”“I am saddened by these very tragedies. We as women and mothers should know about our children’s lives. “Let us build relationships with our children so they can confide in us or someone in whom they trust. Let us not neglect our duties as parents,” said Shauna Layne, a housewife and mother.Jamel Bascom, a young musician, said “I Just hope that young girls, not only in our district but also around the globe, will bring themselves to the point of understanding that life is unpredictable because lunatics are hidden behind good looks and a good body.”Bascom advised that women should look beyond the charms of a man. He advocated that women should protect and respect themselves at all times.He said that women need to be sterner as he opined that some women are too soft when it comes to having a boyfriend and a husband. “Remember you have a lot to live for. Be yourself and stand against violence” said the young man.“No one deserves to be victimized; especially our young girls…Let us protect our females. Ladies you deserve to be happy and you need love. But also you need to live too, so be careful whom you trust.”Bascom was not the only man to comment on the issue. Dork Bess said, “We need to change the mind set of some young men. This is not right and it is becoming rampant in society.”Rewona Dharamjeet, mother of two young girls and a victim of domestic abuse, broke her silence. The young woman is hoping that she can be an inspiration to other women who are going through domestic abuse.She said “I’m not ashamed to say,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, I was in an ugly abusive relationship; I was being bullied. But today I thank God that I’m out of that. I kept my silence, no one knew what I was going through and that was my mistake because it kept getting worse every time. My advice to anyone out there in a relationship and is being bullied in any way or is being abused, get out now! That’s not love! It’s unacceptable!Donell Bess-Bascom, who is seen to many as a role model, said that regardless of age, sex,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic, colour and social status, the silence needs to be broken on domestic violence. Reiterating what Small-Bristol said, she added, “We cannot afford to remain silent when we observe abuse. We must speak up. Very often the emotional and psychological abuse becomes verbal then physically violent. Often it ends in death.”Abuse is any behaviour or action that is used to scare, harm, threaten, control or intimidate another person. It can come in different forms – physical,NFL Jerseys 2018, emotional, verbal, sexual, financial or spiritual. If you are trying to decide whether or not a situation may be abusive, simply look at the person’s intention behind his action. If the person’s intention is to do any of the above, you may be at risk for abuse.A woman is being abused if she is violated physically, emotionally,Air Max 90 Black And White Mens, psychologically, sexually, financially, stalked/harassed and received threats  by a person known to her in an attempt to control her. However, with the growth of technology and the overlap of social networks, women are now being cyber bullied by stalkers.Coordinator of Help and Shelter, Margaret Kertzious, had recently reiterated the prevalence of domestic violence in Guyana. She urged that women come forward as help is provided for them. Kertzious disclosed that there has been an average of 20 new recorded cases per month in Guyana from January to April.The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) provides shelter and basic human needs for abused women and their children. Counselling is also available for women and their partners. Kertzious said that all services provided by the organization are free of cost.